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Natural Remedy for Dry Eyes – San Diego Dry Eye

Do you know that feeling when your eyes are gritty and irritated, when you have to blink every 5 seconds just to get some comfort?

Well its not a 100% guarantee, but most likely your eyes are dry. The sensation you might be feeling is your tears evaporating and your cornea becoming exposed to direct air.

All dry eye is different, in 100% of cases you should consult your eye doctor, but here are some holistic remedies for dry eye that avoids medications!

1. Warm Compresses with a Washcloth

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  1. Get a clean washcloth and let it soak in hot water.
  2. Ring out the washcloth.
  3. It is now a hot, moist compress.
  4. Lay in bed and place the compress on your eyes.
  5. The heat will enter the meibomian glands, opening them up and allowing you to get better tears on your eyes.
  6. Better tears means less tear evaporation and less discomfort.
  7. Ideally, you want to do this EVERYDAY!

2. Warm Compress with Tranquileyes


If you feel that the washcloth from the tip above helps, or if you have severe meibomian gland dysfunction dry eye, then using a different warm compress will bring better results. The only different here is that instead of your warm washcloth, you use the Tranquileyes mask.

I highly suggest purchasing the Tranquileyes Mask because it provides a better therapy than a washcloth. The temperature, humidity and duration of heat for this dry eye mask significantly accelerates the healing process.

  1. With this mask you get 15-18 min of warm, moist heat instead of only about 3-4 from the washcloth.
  2. The more heat, the more opening of the glands, and hence the improvement of the dry eye.
  3. You can buy the Tranquileyes online, but we sell them here at Lakeside Eyecare for less money.

The moral of the story here is that warm, moist heat is therapeutic for certain types of dry eye. Using a warm compress for a few months can really make a significant improvement!

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Note: Please keep in mind, I am giving general advice, much of it is my opinion after years of research and study. This is not a prescription or something you must do, it is merely my educated opinion. You must ALWAYS consult a trained optometric physician about your personal case prior to initiating a therapy or idea that has the potential to cause health problems. This goes for my advice as well. Even more so, you should be your own scientist and do you own research. Please be responsible and professional and consult a trained professional because everyones health and wellness is unique!